Dom online sa prevodom – One in five families in Croatia lose their apartment or house due to being unable to pay back credit or keep up with overhead expenses. The rigorous Seizure Law provides banks and other institutions with an easier way of gaining real estate. When the system fails, when a citizen has nowhere to apply for assistance and when the unscrupulous administration dislodges them from their flats or houses, then young activists arrive to help and with their bodies prevent the execution of the eviction. HOME has recorded grievous scenes from the very places where the cordons of special police use force to drag away children, women, the young and the old - whose one and only wish is to stay and live in their only home.

Zemlja: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia

Vrijeme izvođenja: 40 minuta

Kvaliteta: HD

Otpustite: 2017

imdb rating 5


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