Glupi Antonio predstavlja

Glupi Antonio predstavlja online sa prevodom – By using a "virtual collaboration" on the principles of delegated performance, the director uses Tom Gotovac's own performance from 2006, in which Tom completely naked "performs" himself, and then through the editing process he collages his film into previously shot scenes of the papal addressing to the people, alluding to his own, as well as Gotovac's ethical objection to the hypocrisy of an extremely influential institution. Deliberately crude editing, with a "bad feeling" that the film causes, becomes "their" conceptual artistic act which directly questions the role of the Church and its influence on the modern world of globalization, new economies, technologies and mass alienation.

Zemlja: Croatia

Vrijeme izvođenja: 71 minuta

Kvaliteta: HD

Otpustite: 2006

imdb rating 7


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