Kepa Junkera Berpiztu

Kepa Junkera Berpiztu online sa prevodom – Kepa Junkera left the stage on 6 December 2018 in Ghent, Belgium. He disappeared, his accordion fell silent. The news mentioned a stroke, urgent admission to hospital, a recovery process, and then nothing. The Basque artist who took the trikitixa and popular Basque music to the highest level, who pretty much brought out an album a year for the 32 years of his career, the self-taught man who became the most international Basque musician and who invited artists all over the world to sing in Basque disappeared without trace. Later came two years of hard work, of physiotherapy sessions to recover his physical mobility, learn to talk, move his hands, turn his head, eat, stay alive. Because Kepa continues to live, continues to create, to enjoy the thrill of art, of music, of poetry, of painting, of photography. This documentary is the story of that emotion.

Žanr: Documentary


Posada: Fermin Aio (Director)


Vrijeme izvođenja: 104 minuta

Kvaliteta: HD

Otpustite: 2022

imdb rating 7


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