Konstantin Koča Popović

Konstantin Koča Popović online sa prevodom – Who is Koca Popovic? Artist, poet, surrealist, philosopher, warrior, general, cynic, statesman, spoiled son of a rich man, genius war leader or a bon vivant? A Serb who learned French language before his own, a convinced communist who made fun of the communist dogma, sportsman, vice-president of Yugoslavia who drove to work in his Spacek? Answers to these questions could be: all of this and none of it really. In fact, who is Koca Popovic remains a mystery even today. A mystery that this film will at least try to unravel.

Zemlja: Serbia

Vrijeme izvođenja: 51 minuta

Kvaliteta: HD

Otpustite: 2015

imdb rating 7


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