Radovan IV

Radovan IV online sa prevodom – Radovan IV is a "serious comedy" about the life of a man brought into the city, the apartment on the 12th floor, the skyscraper, which is actually "vertical street". From the homeland - villages, fields, forests ... woke up one day closer to heaven than earth. And there, like a bird without wings, trying to change her life, to adapt, to adjust, accept all that he has never been close, tormenting himself and all with whom he lives, repeatedly - in vain! Radovan is a story about people who were left stranded on the life of "country" and moved into an apartment (cage) a myriad of buildings, skyscrapers... on our densely populated planet





Vrijeme izvođenja: 95 minuta

Kvaliteta: HD

Otpustite: 2017

imdb rating 7


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